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Spammy Google Home spouts audio ads without warning – now throw yours in the trash


Google is an ad company, ANYTHING they do is about ads, any tech they get into is only because it helps them sell ads.

They have already shown that they have no boundaries when it comes to ethics, hacking into consumers wireless routers and indexing their PC docs. Gather the SSID's so they could use them to invade privacy and locate people.

All in the name of delivering more relevant ads.

Today they

"Google has been ordered by the Government to explain why taxpayer-funded adverts are appearing alongside extremist material."

"The Guardian has also withdrawn all its online advertising from Google and YouTube after it emerged that its ads were being placed next to extremist material."

"David Pemsel, the Guardian's chief executive, wrote to Google to say that it was "completely unacceptable" for its advertising to be misused in this way, the newspaper reported."

GOOGLE responded:

"We accept that we don't always get it right, and that sometimes, ads appear where they should not. We're committed to doing better, and will make changes to our policies and brand controls for advertisers."

How many times have we heard such meaningless apologies?


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