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Car: "Playing 'Let Me Out Now'... Would you like to purchase this song?"

You jest (I hope) but I had a related steam-came-out-of-my-ears experience just last week while driving:

Me: "Play 'Shameless' "

Siri: "OK, going to the music store to buy 'Shameless' "

Me: DAMN YOU APPLE. "Play 'Shameless' *FROM MY MUSIC*."

Siri: "OK, now playing Shameless by Groove Armada."

And no, Siri hadn't mis-heard the name of the track the first time - its default decision was, believe it or not, to go off and offer to sell me a track, rather than playing it from my local collection. F*ck you very much, Apple.

(Oh, and this also shows I have poor taste in music. I regret nothing! Nothing, do you hear me?!?!)

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