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Left hand, meet right hand...

I know it's almost unfathomable to conceive, but it's almost as though we have two different Government departments here working at complete odds with each other. On one one hand we have BERR / DIUS who preach for a mobile, flexible, responsive and highly skilled workforce to power the future economy; and on the other hand we have HMRC who's overall strategy seems to drive anyone who chooses to work in a mobile, flexible and responsive manner - into the terms of inflexible and unresponsive permanent employment.

And if any permies here want to go down the route of "but you pay less tax, or dodge tax, as a contractor", then please, let me know how much you paid overall last year off of the back of your labours, and then I'll tell you what I paid off of the back of mine. I'll pretty much guarantee that you paid less overall than I did.

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