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How UK’s GDPR law might not be judged 'adequate'



"Indeed, someone who said he was “close to GCHQ/MI6” took me to one side at this month’s ICO conference. He told me that if I were to be given the top-secret list of data protection indiscretions on the part of the UK (none of which relate to national security, crime and taxation etc, I should add), then the damage to EU-UK relations would be so high that the European Commission’s mission in London would have to close, and the UK Ambassador to Brussels would become persona non grata. I was advised to “back off”, whatever that means."

So we can't know the truth cos someone may lose their job over it? Should ALL government dealings should be 100% open and transparent?? If something causes embarrassment then perhaps we, I don't know, shouldn't do it in the first place?

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