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Poetterix beckons

Surprised that people aren't falling over themselves to get into 16.04 with sysemtd? I mean who isn't craving a monolithic piece of bloatware designed for the desktop in the image of Redmond's finest?

I definitely love my headless servers to get randomly stuck on reboots because systemd had issues cleanly un-mounting some partition for reasons known only to itself.

Also loving the constant reboot requirements when updates for it come in. We now have live kernel patching only to completely negate this benefit by swapping in a reboot happy desktop grade init system.

How did we ever live without binary system logs? I mean why did it take over 40 years to come up with that "innovation" on 'nix. And let's not forget systemd's unique ability to segfault... such a pile of c**p. Mine's the 14.04 and soon enough the exile on planet BSD after 2019.

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