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Oh, so hackers figure it out, start posing as you, and either slander your image or engage in social engineering attacks?

And that comes under the title of "so fucking what?".

There are literally dozens of forums I've logged into, posted on briefly, then gone on to other places - either because the quality of content is rediculously low (eg several of the MS tech forums where you can expect and exchange like "Help my computer is a pile of smouldering slag" "Oh just use system restore and you'll be fine" or in the case of one Vista problem I and several others got "MSVP here, that problem cannot possible occur, you obviously aren't as good with computers as I am coz I am the MSVP" (or whatever they call them).

I cannot remember most of the forums I've visited, let alone username or password. It's not like (knowledgeable) people visit random sites and immediately start welcoming strangers into their home with posts about where the spare key is kept and what the alarm code is. So people have hacked a couple of dozen of my accounts and are posting as me, so what? I'm never going to know about it, there's no way they could link the account back to me. If they had the level of tools and information required to link even one of those accounts to me, then I've got a few more worries than someone posting as me.

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