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Scott McNealy: Your data is safer with marketers than governments

Mark 85 Silver badge

Dear Scott McNealy,

Blow it out your ass. I don't want your marketing team to bug me nor do I want my government to watch me. My business isn't yours and as long I don't do something illegal, it isn't the business of government. I will also add that malvertising is rampant. Can you guarantee me that my data that you hold won't get into the hands of malvertisers or miscreants? Can you? Our government can't so why the hell should I trust you.

Besides, if the crap that hits my spam bucket is any indication, you marketing mouseketeers haven't a clue about what I buy even with the data you hold.

Sincerely and with all due lack of respect, I remain looking for my future ex-pat life,(and yes, they are out there).


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