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What kind of idiot?

So you pay good money for a bad OS and then, instead of letting you do what you want to do, it interrupts you with ads. I could understand this if they were giving away the OS (although I'd probably choose not to use it rather than suffer the ads). I might even use the thing and suffer the ads if they were PAYING me to use it. But what kind of idiot would pay money to endure somebody else's advertising?

Hmmmmm. *Looks out of window*. Oh, most people are wearing clothing THAT THEY PAID FOR and the clothing is advertising something. So, there are plenty of idiots who are stupid enough to pay Microsoft money in order to watch adverts, because there are plenty of idiots who are stupid enough to pay EXTRA to advertise somebody's product when the advertiser should be paying them to wear it.

I've just had a thought. Tattoovertising. Why pay money for twuntish tattoos when you can spend twice the amount to have a tattoo that advertises something? I'd get paid by the advertiser and the punter. I'd need a really good name for the tattoo parlour. How about "Twattoos"?

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