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Might be time to try . . .

. . . Linux again.

Last time I tried I had two big niggles and a small niggle:

- lack of an acceptable DLNA server - I've fixed that now by buying a NAS box. Which works great using Plex. The Linuux desktop version of Plex was pants. Wht the f**k did it want to run fullscreen - I didn't want it too.

- unable to get the screen on my Yoga to autorotate. I don't use it as a tablet very often - but I do. I died a death in the command line trying to get that to work last time I tried.

- lack of native Office install - I would have had to use Office 365 web apps. Microsoft might come around on this one eventually if tthey keep forcing people onto Linux. They did it for Macs.

Oh well - I don't use IE. I'm not going to see the ads.

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