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"It's due to a difference in the law, the EU regulations the UK follows in this regard doesn't specifically state that a bypass device/software for the test is illegal, whereas the US regulations do."


Bypassing emission control is illegal in Eu on both company and individual driver level. The issue is that the only police forces with on-the-spot roadside emission checking equipment which actually enforce it are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They ethnically profile it - you are not likely to be stopped unless you are sporting an Eastern European number plate and driving something which is obviously modded, smoking like the Admiral Kuznetsov on a really bad day or ridiculously old. I know people who have been nailed and have had cars impounded too for removing the catalyst to replace it with a LOUD FART PIPE (they made the mistake of going to Germany after that).

As I drive in the Eu quite a bit (up to 8K miles a year), I am not going to take the risk of copping the 1000Eu+ fine for bypassing emission control despite the relatively low likelihood to be stopped with UK number plates. So - no, I have not chipped my car back and I am not going to.

Now on the subject of chipping. It will be a good idea if the muppets from the Met start checking and enforcing it. One of the reasons why the air quality in London is so shite is that that >50% of the private hire cars and taxies are chipped or with a custom map to turn off the EGR. Yeah i know - tall order. Requires work to be done.

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