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2FA and a PIN...

much better solution all around, but getting the systems we use to change to use a common 2FA device (eg TOTP with Authy app) is an uphill battle because everyone seems to think their system is better (until it's cracked).

my bank for instance requires a 2FA app which can only be activated on a single phone (sucks to be me as I have a personal phone I can't even carry on some work locations, and a work phone which is locked down to 'approved' apps, and while they approve Authy they've not yet (after 9 months) approved the bank app because it uses a non-appstore updating process

Ironically my work 2FA solution is probably the easiest ... a simple 6 digit PIN that I only have to change if I think it's compromised, a 2FA app that I can install on both my phones and an intelligent (Active Directory based) threat level determination that does profiling and if I go off-script requires some additional verification before allowing corp access

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