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A very small subset actually

I signed up and poked around and I can assure you that BritBox has only a very small subset of what is available on BBC and ITV in the UK. I would happily pay $200 a year to get the _full_ content of the BBC and ITV.

For one despite the implication from the header pic in the article, there is no Dr. Who, at which point my kids lost interest.

No Horizon, no Bang Goes The Theory, no Stargazing, no Dara Ó Briain, no Brian Cox. No bloody science shows at all in fact, which is something that the BBC does rather well in compared the USA.

It has about the first half of Sean Bean's Sharpe series, the rest is missing.

It has two seasons of A Bit of Fry and Laurie but no Jeeves and Wooster.

What it does have are loads of vacuously stupid soaps. I'm not paying for that crap.

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