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AD2, are you are drinking the VW Kool Aid? Regulation 715/2007/EC Article 5(2) states "The use of defeat devices that reduce the effectiveness of emission control systems shall be prohibited."

VW programmed the ECU with a "cycle recognition" strategy to increase the EGR and thereby decrease NOx emissions when it detects running under EU emissions test conditions. So is that NOT a defeat device and NOT illegal?

VW have publicly admitted to fitting defeat device in the UK. When asked by the transport committee in October 2015 "when was the first car fitted with a defeat device sold here in the UK? Paul Willis replied: "It seems from the information I have at the moment that it was around 2008"

In October 2015 VW filed a Notification of Intention to Conduct a Non-Coded Action with the UK Driver Vehicle Standards Agency to rectify the defect "Nitrogen oxide emissions levels do not meet the regulatory requirements for registering the vehicle under Euro 5 standard". Why on earth would they do that if their position is that there is nothing wrong with any of the vehicles?

VW are now desperately back-pedaling and lying to conceal their fraud in the EU.

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