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Justice for the UK?

VW have been forced by the authorities to do the right thing in the US. Meanwhile in the UK, VW CEO and chief weasel Paul Willis has back-pedaled on previous apologies. In spite of official evidence to the contrary, he now says "we did not fit defeat devices to our cars", and is merely "sorry for any ambiguity or confusion that I have caused to customers". His previous promise to the Transport Committee to publish the Jones Day report has been broken, thereby impeding criminal investigations outside the US. He has admitted to the latest hearing (HC 1021) that VW is recalling 1.2M vehicles in the UK but that "our position is that there is nothing wrong with any of them at all." So why was the recall sent out on the UK government Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency letterhead then? VW are taking the piss out of an apparently toothless UK government.

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