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there I was, a few years back, minding my own business drinking in an hotel bar in Charlotte, South Carolina when a fat lardy type of girl walked up to me and asked "did I want a shag"? Much spluttering of beer ensued, during which I tried to explain that I wasn't very good at doing that kind of thing in public, and that I didn't really fancy her enough to f*** her. She looked at me a bit slantendictally and wandered off muttering about queer brits, to which I replied "not queer, I just don't shag munters".

Cue an interruption by the barman "She only wanted a dance - "The Shag" is the official state dance". That just made things worse.... In my alcohol induced mind I had now hallucinations of horizontal polkas with a girl who made Hatty Jacques look streamlined.

Be warned: go to the Carolinas and be very clear what you mean when talking to women

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