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It had #fail written all over it

I decided to give this a try for myself as well during the start. It was fun while it lasted (I recall two very nice chats with strangers) but equally frustrating. Because in the end there was no 'you', or 'your work' or 'your exposition' it was all joint venture so to speak. And that could go bad really quick.

The idea was simple: you search for contents, and you might think other people are interested in those results as well. So then you can start a collection of said contents and share it on So far, so good. Being an anime fan myself I tried to set up a nice NGE (Neon Genesis Evangelion) kind of search with pictures and some articles (Wikipedia, fansites, etc. link), cool! I even attracted a few followers.

Then suddenly someone decided that NGE had a completely different meaning and started adding offtopic nonsense to my Neon Genesis "tribute", of course without any means for me to remove any of it. So in a few more days what was once a nice (starting) tribute section had turned into a mess, a mixture between anime, stock market, a private firm and some people complaining that they couldn't make heads or tails of things. And so it also lost interest and followers. Not because of me, but because others made a mess and I couldn't do a thing about it.

Well, that was my first and only run on I didn't even care anymore if Microsoft was going to fix things, since I had already decided that this was a waste of my time.

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