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HPE blames solid state drive failure for outages at Australian Tax Office

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Replication and mirroring is NOT a full data protection strategy - the purpose is for "quick and dirty"

(ie during the day) recovery - It's not a protected copy

With mirror and replicate:

Viruses can corrupt both copies

Ransom-ware can corrupt both copies

Programming errors can corrupt both copies

Firmware or controller upgrades (H/W and S/W) can corrupt both copies

Accidental deletion or DB admin hiccup can corrupt both copies

Disgruntled/incompetent IT staff (surely not in Australian Public Service!!) can also corrupt data

Since 1950 the Data Protection industry has had an extremely robust methodology:


3 copies of Data (if you don't have 3 copies, it's not worth keeping)

2 different mediums (ie do NOT rely on just disk - example disk and tape) - cloud is mostly disk that on someone else's premises (with a fancy name that gets CIO's excited!)

1 copy offline and offsite (None of the list above can attack or corrupt offline, offsite data)

Once the data is gone - it's gone - accept that all technology will have errors, just as humans and machines will make mistakes.

For example here are only TWO (maybe 3 if you're pedantic) spinning disk manufacturers left - what happens if there is a firmware bug or security hole (and there have been!) and half the spinning drives in the world start corrupting data.? The chips in the flash and SSD drives in all manufacturers equipment come from very few Fabrication facilities (regardless of who's name is on the tin)

Data corruption or loss is an inevitability - Plan for it - 3-2-1 !!!

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