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Union "workers" sitting by the punch clock waiting to punch out are the fault of or by the direction of the management. Anyone pointing to such practices as the fault of the workers is politically motivated, or very ignorant of how Union workplaces are designed to operate.

IME Union workers are by far the easiest to control. They are bound by a contract that the Union team or Union management has agreed to and does not want violated. A Union that willfully violates a contract can be de-certificated meaning the workers would have to organise all over again.

Should a supervisor see a Union worker in an area their job does not require them to be in. or engaged in an unauthorized activity that worker can be verbally warned (with a written letter recording the warning) clearly stating the violation. Should that offense occur again it can be followed up by a written warning and discipline. (sample letters should be one file to help new supervisors use correct wording)

Each contract is a little different but the discipline process is clear and will progress all the way to termination without recourse unless the worker changes their behaviour. In which case they can pause the process for a set time (usually a year) before it resets, ready to be used again with maximum discipline at each step.

Management always has the right and responsibility to manage. That they choose not to is not the fault of the workers.

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