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One of Those Guys isn't Right

Many of the comments are interesting and good ideas, but don't really address the specific problem. The researcher says he used WireShark and was able to see the communication between the Texecom hub and an iPhone in clear text. The Texecom spokesman was a bit more vague, but he appeared to be saying that communication with systems on the internet are protected with TLS or SSH. If this were true then they wouldn't be in plain text. So perhaps the researcher is new to WireShark and thought he was seeing plain text. But it is more likely to me that the Texecom spokesperson didn't include iPhones in his statement. I think he used the word "servers." Perhaps they somehow define that word in their minds so that it doesn't include iPhones. (Can't you imagine a lawyer choosing the word "server" because she thinks that the only servers are those systems in the data center.)

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