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Ha. Many many years ago, I would work numerous days in a row (fast forward: company has been giving zero pay raises for so many years that getting anyone to show up on weekend now to meet a deadline just doesn't happen. Beanies saving money and all that, but I digress).

When I attempted to out the electronic time card, the software would not let me fill in the number of days worked. Finally complained about it after being pressured to fill in the time card, and they said: state law says you can't work that many days in a row, therefore the software won't let you enter that many in a row. My response: I can't sign the time card without all those days, because you say the electronic time card is a 'legal document' and since I can't fill the time card in with the number of days I actually worked, I can't sign the time card. No response to that, they don't require salaried people to fill out time cards anymore because it only causes problems... like the problems Amazon has. If they had no records, it would be 'he said she said' and only the lawyers would get any money!

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