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User rats out IT team for playing games at work, gets them all fired


I got called in once to a company where they'd fired half the (small) IT department , and then the other two left. No payroll, no EDI going to/from customers, and the minicomputer hadn't been taken through the Y2K preparations and was out of support. And the main drive had gone down. And the backups were encrypted ... somehow...

A previous contract had been to help the new DPM of a multi-national subsidiary gain control over his department. He'd been brought in to try to stop the period-end work (every 4 weeks) requiring a full weekend of overtime by the two developers at double-time, along with sundry other abuses of privilege. Contract project management is basically an aggressive form of marriage counselling where it's permissible to bury at least one body at midnight at the crossroads.

This all happens because someone, somewhere, is taking the piss. Management, minions, someone will have a 'bright' idea on how to do less work for more money. Piss-takers should get buried.

Gordon has the right of it.

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