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Re: Funny, this should have finished while I was at lunch

I did similar thing about 2 months ago on my mac while trying to tidy stuff up in the root drive.




sudo rm -rf User*

hmm.that's taking an awful long time to delete some temporary crap....


CntlC CntlC CnltC

Luckily good old timemachine got me back to an hour before and I had a 'Users' directory again.

I have to say, in 10 years of mac ownership... one of the many many many times timemachine has got me out of a deep deep hole.

I also remember one time, about 20 years ago - working for a large UK telecom company...needed to reboot one of the live boxes that handled 30% of the load of UK non geographic phone calls (0845, 0800, etc)...

sudo shutdown now -r



hmm can't seem to connect to that... doesn't seem to be coming back up..

It was in an unmanned exchanged 30 miles from the nearest engineer.... had to get one of em to go out there, and press the ON button again.

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