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User rats out IT team for playing games at work, gets them all fired

J. Cook Silver badge

I've had a few supervisors at the current place I work at who are pretty lax about slacking off- as long as:

a) the work gets done

b) it's not *too* invasive

for example, on super slow days (holidays, primarily, where I was required to be there for break/fix, but since things were running well I ended up having very little to actually *do*) I'd have my personal laptop in and was playing movies, offline games, or using the company's guest wireless to play minecraft or some such.

And yeah, I could *probably* write off El Reg as "technical research", but meh. (as I type, I'm waiting for an content index rebuild on a pair of DAG nodes, and keeping a weather eye on the backup job that's running, and waiting for a vendor to ping me.

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