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At a previous job...

I was the Personal Assistant to my boss, so I was privy to all the crap that came across his desk, especially since most of it had to be sorted, collated, & summarized by me for him.

I knew the staff occasionally blew off steam after hours by playing games like Half Life, W:ET, etc, but since it was after hours & our networks were all internal facing (no internet for us peons), my boss didn't really care.

Then his boss came to visit, saw folks "goofing off & playing games" (ignoring the "after hours" part) & demanded that my boss "fire all the time wasters!"

Cue an audit of all the company computers to find out which programs on which computers got the most use, keeping an eye on the games to figure out whom was spending a little too much time playing them. Imagine our astonishment (and impish glee) when it turned out that the bastard demanding the firing turned out to spend the bulk of his time playing MS Solitare, during working hours, nearly *double* what our guys were doing *after hours*.

When my boss compiled the "Top 50 list" of offenders of the playing games / time wasting bunch with said CxO at the top of it, suddenly there was no more said about *anyone* playing games on the corporate intranet.

Funny how those whom scream the loudest are often doing it to cover the sound of their own guilt.

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