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I can sometimes get why people want to live in enclaves, living in a foreign country as much as you can enjoy it and such can sometimes be stressful, especially if the place feels very foreign culturally (I'm thining Asia and such rather than Europe). I can get why some people want an area where going out and doing simple things like shopping can be preferable if it is eaiser and a lot of enclave areas tend to facilitate towards that, your more likely to find a Boots or Marks and Spencers* in those areas, a better grasp of English etc and sometimes you really need something easy like that.

Don't get me wrong sometimes you want the adventure but sometimes it can be knackering and stressful. I've visited friends in Thai suburbs and popped out to get lunch and it's become a mission especially as my grasp of the language is limited. Go out country where it's less cosmopoiltan, on a bad day everything feels like more work.

Sometimes you need to re-immerse in your own culture a bit for sanity or comfort, same way you can be surrounded by exotic dishes but sometimes just crave some comfort food in the form of a pie.

*A girl I know used to try and buy underwear in Thailand, size 12 UK, very sporty trim figure, she would walk into Thai shops and they would laugh and say "No your too fat".

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