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RE : "Living in a British/English enclave is not the way to integrate."

while I don't disagree with your post in anyway I'll simply ask.... is it acceptable if you're Asian/ Chinese/ Polish/ whatever?

all major cities in the uk have enclaves of various nationalities, living together, speaking their own language, buying stuff in shops owned and run by people of the same nationality, selling stuff they've imported from the country they've all left to live here. Integration? yeah we've heard of it.

I see no problem whatsoever in requiring people who interact with the general public being required to speak the main language of the country they live and work in.

Please do come and live in my country, you're very welcome. All I ask is Live by the same rules I do, speak the same language I do. I've lived and worked in Italy, guess what language I spoke. It's simple courtesy.

And while we're on the subject, they're not ex-pats they're immigrants!

er.. sorry bit of a rant there :)

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