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Playing games does have it's place

As Senior engineer I was covering the network support on the Saturday before Xmas in a retail org with 2000+ stores across 8 countries, huge online presence, moto channels & subsidaries all dependent on real time systems, it's was always the busiest trading day for the business.

Normally on the Saturday shift, it was a chance to work on any non-trading systems, but in change freeze nothing was scheduled. And the instruction was to come in, touch nothing, and just react to any issues.

So it was a case of come in, pull up the status monitoring screen, turn on the audible alarms. Grab a coffee and settle in for a 12 hour gaming marathon.

Every 30 mins the ops duty manager would swing by, "everything OK?"; "All green, you'll be the first to know if anything changes". Even got a thank you email at the end of the shift

Paid double time to sit and play games.

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