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User rats out IT team for playing games at work, gets them all fired

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a long time ago, in another job ...

I was doing a (static at the time) IP inventory on all IT equipment at one of the company's site.

Found out everyone was busy playing ping-pong (yes, true, there was a table in the site), trying to shag the young intern, listening to music, watching TV etc ... All at 3pm ... Literally found no-one working in a 50 staff site.

Since this very site insisted we had to do the office's system update overnight, it got me quite upset, and I sent an email to my IT director, describing the whole affair in details, that was later circulated a lot more than I expected or wanted it to ...

It turned up IT gained a lot of credibility and respect (maybe fear) in this company, after this, where it lacked a lot in this area. I never regretted it. Many users community have the most disrespect for IT workers and from time to time, some harsh email can regain sanity.

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