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Big Companies and Policies

Difficult call - without further information.

This is my beef with disattached directors, unreasonable IT policies, salary review policies, bonus formulae, etc. etc.

Any such one-size-fits-all policy will never take account of creatives, encouragers, workshy-prats-who-play-the-rules-game etc.

I'd rather just work for a good boss who knows what's going on. It may not be fair, it may not scale, I may even be slightly poorer. So what?

I have worked with people who took way-too-long lunch "hours" playing games, but could be relied upon to work very late nights to support customers. Inconvenient, but still useful.

In the case of this team, I would want to know more about their general attitude and delivery. Backups not run etc. - it *sounds* like they should be fired. But their manager should have been more with it.

Hey, I'm browsing El Reg now - when I should be working. But I'm worth it.

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