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Also they're still physically the same datacenter, so susceptible to combinations of backhoes, bad weather, and poorly performing power cutover systems, etc.

Using only one AWS region is a bad idea. Period. In fact, I'd argue (thanks, BGP hijacking!) that using only Amazon services is a bad idea. If that is too difficult to manage for you, then set the appropriate expectations with your business managers and users. Your product is too cheap to support that high of an uptime requirement.

Amazon fails sometimes, Google fails sometimes, Microsoft fails sometimes (and in at least one instance took weeks to restore!)... don't put all your eggs in one basket, people. Don't be that guy.

This whole fiasco is probably a good example of why developers should not be put in charge of the IT systems, no matter how "easy" they are... Operations teams tend to focus like a laser on uptime and stability, while developers are more interested in maximizing new features.

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