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To mention an acknowledged lying purveyor of overpriced tat with IBK in the same sentence, makes me as someone who studied mech/man engineering and was an associate member of IMechE, want to reach for the sick bag.

Dyson's an "industrial designer", a phrase guaranteed to make any chartered engineer shiver.

His company's (suitably huge) marketing department is happy to throw around the term "engineer".

When the "engineering genius" Dyson came up with his 400 quid hairdryer, his marketing droids got to work and explained to the press that the company had employed 400 "engineers" for 3 years to design a hairdryer that cost over 10 times as much as it's competitors.

His outfit sort of reminds me of a certain company in Cupertino. The only difference being that he gouges his customers for 10x the going rate for similar crap, rather than the 2x which is customary in Cupertino.

The idea that "4000 engineers" are going to up sticks and move down to the nether regions of Wiltshire is delusional. As is the idea of his private university educating 100s of "engineers" on the grand sum of 3 million a year donated by his company as a tax write-off.

If I had continued with my mech/man engineering and become chartered, the last thing I would want to do is help Dyson scamming his customers when i could get 100k pa minimum doing something interesting - which would almost certainly be abroad and tax free.

If you Brexiteers haven't noticed yet, this country doesn't have a manufacturing industry and wanking off to Sir James Dyson will only carry you so far. Stand assured, I'll be thinking of you when I move to Europe next year.

BTW, he hates the EU because they made it the law that household vacuum cleaners can only draw 1.6KW rather than the power of a Saturn V first-stage,

tl;dr: Try googling "asa dyson misleading" for lols.

OT: perhaps instead of giving folks like him the moniker "Sir" we could perhaps:

:%s/Sir/The c*nt known as/g

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