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.. Business owners understand the cost of failure. So direct costs from lost productivity and reputational damage. Unless businesses can state how much a protracted outage will cost them, they can't sensibly decide if a DR solution is 'too expensive'. Sensible business owners understand this, and work with suppliers to design solutions that meet the operational requirements. Less sensible ones buy DSL connections to save costs, but then wonder why their office/store/factory/warehouse connections fail.

Sensible business owners also understand that there might be.. limitations with low-cost cloud solutions, especially if they're 'one size fits all', which can make integrating DR a lot harder, especially if there's software that may not play nicely in a virtualised/containerised world. But it is possible, ie one client decided to go with a private cloud solution that allowed synchronous replication between two widely seperated data centres. Which was pretty awsome demonstrating DR invocation to the client, and them not noticing the cutover.

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