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Tuesday's AWS S3-izure exposes Amazon-sized internet bottleneck

Rob Isrob

The value prop takes a hit

The problem is in the SMB space. If they have to live in two "replicated" regions, suddenly the reason for going to the cloud in the first place takes a financial hit. Might as well stay local (in many more cases, certainly not all) and continue to send those tapes offsite and hope for the best. The smarmy fella that posted in another comment at El Reg that: "We just flipped from Northern VA to Frankfurt, took us all of 3 minutes" well goody for you all. They are large Enterprise and designed appropriately - duh. Same for Netflix, after an embarrassing AWS induced outage years ago, they spread the love across regions, no problem. The AWS sphincters tightened up quite a bit in the SMB space after yesterday.

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