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Dyson backs Britain plc with $2.5bn AI and robotics investment

Charlie Clark Silver badge

Knock those down to China levels and they will offset the increases.

I thought Dyson had already done that years ago when off-shored production to Asia? And also moaned about how difficult it is to get good engineers in the UK?

The experience of developing economies suggest that it takes at least a generation to train people up to graduate level. So, this sounds like very much like the "North Sea Singapore" version of Brexit. Nothing wrong with this per se but I don't see it going down with those who favour the "keep foreigners out" one.

Personally, I prefer business leaders to keep out of politics as much as politicians should keep out of business. I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner and I wish the company success but I'm a little sceptical as to what this investment will really amount to.

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