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Having said that, it is the only place I've seen it done anywhere near properly.

I have multiple customers with working DR sites that are used just like that, in the hotel, finance and oil industries, and in government. They run drills, and switch over regularly to test. We get an ear-bashing if anything goes wrong during such tests (which, fortunately, isn't too often).

By and large the people who think they have BCDR solutions, but don't, are the ones who buy (or are sold) the equipment & then phone up consulting services to say "I've bought your XXX, how do I configure it to protect my company?"

The ones who do have working setups are those who employ specialists to do business analysis and risk assesments, and then buy the right kit for the job. It's not a cheap process, so it tends to be the big companies, who do understand the problem. It would appear that Amazon is not on that list.

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