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A pair of AAs?

The killer feature of the Psion Series 3 and 5 was the battery life. A full month on the 3, and a week on the 5, from a pair of alkaline AAs. That's *using* them, not sitting idle under a good book.

Phones seldom last a full day. Use them, and they lose charge so fast you ca

<that was my joke>

Even the solid old Nokias only lasted two days before needing to be plugged in. Kindle Fires are somewhere between the two. The Paperwhite lasts a good couple of weeks.

Make it twice the weight and give me a battery I can work with. This is going to need a good deal more than an 8 Ah battery if you want me to do work on it. Give me four times that, then maybe we'll talk.

Until then? If you're going to make me work tethered to a cable, I'm already not on my feet, so I may as well use a laptop.

32 Ah battery or gtfo.

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