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OS X is built on NeXTSTEP, not BSD. Apple basically bought NeXT to get it (and got Steve Jobs back as a bonus). Its lineage goes back to Mach, not BSD.

Architecture wise, the kernel isn't more similar to BSD than the Windows (NT) kernel is. In fact, if anything it's more similar to NT in the sense that both have some microkernel heritage.

No idea where this misconception comes from. Certainly not from reading the source code of the kernels in question, at least... Hell, there's even a lot of C++ in the OS X kernel - when was the last time you saw that in BSD?

There is actually _some_ BSD stuff in OS X but it's mostly userland.

As for blacklisting, guess what, Windows has this too (MSE/MSRT/Windows Defender). Since it's, you know, blacklisting, it doesn't do wonders for either platform.

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