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Apple's macOS is the safer choice – but not for the reason you think

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Anonymous Coward

It's now 2017, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by a Word file

I know this is anecdotal at best, but in 30 years of working with just about every type of Mac in every possible context I'm still one number short of bingo - I have come upon exactly 4 pieces of malware. This stuff is so rare people collect it for curiosity value.

The obscurity argument only goes so far. If any reasonably motivated 13 year old can cobble together a piece of malware to run on MS-based systems, where are the much more motivated professional crooks going after our Macs, and our precious details such as our credit cards - when we can obviously afford to buy such an overpriced useless joke of a computer with all the disposable income we are left with from being paid more - just for having the shinier laptop? By this logic, if anything, our collective lack of intelligence and surplus of funds should make us a desirable target. Apparently not?

AC because you can't write Mac without ending in AC...

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