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"and at that time the EU said "ok, up to you. If you are in, you're in. If you're out, you're out."

You might want to tell the various people on here about that when they claim leaving completely is this government being awkward.

"And certainly in this constituency (in East London), people were told that if they voted Leave, there were very good chances of Commonwealth immigration going up as the "Eastern Europeans wouldn't be taking away all the places" (and yes, I heard that directly)."

The great pleasure of this vote was that it was rigged to get the 'right' answer and there was no provision for the alternative. So what you were told is still possible because this gov will spend most of its time dealing with brexit and then the next GE we will actually be able to vote for a government to run the country.

"No-one on the Leave side told us what they are for, only what they are against."

The leave campaign was for control of our own country, to leave the cartel and be free to go global, to have the right to dump the stupid laws coming from the EU. Sorry if you missed that but the leave campaign was for a lot of reasons while remain seemed to be the free movement within the 'approved' zone and fear of the rest of the world or even reprisals from the EU (some friends eh!).

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