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It was the software that made the Psions so great

Yes - the hardware design was quite clever, especially the hinge and keyboard design, but the manufacturing quality was iffy so they broke. What made the Psions (3 and 5 series) so great was the software - particularly the applications, and the seamless way they all worked together. As an example, even now none of the calendar apps I use allow you to put in an appointment without a time in the way the Psion did; this was ideal when you planned to do something "in the afternoon" but not sure when - with the Psion you could place it the right place in the day without being precise about the timing, which you could add later when you'd agreed the details. To-do items (from your to-do lists) could optionally be displayed on the calendar pages on the relevant day - you could choose where - and would keep rolling forward each day until completed. It all worked so smoothly and cleanly it was a a delight. I thought at the time that Psion had licensed their software to a manufacturer good at making reliable hardware (Sonyt, Casio...) and with worldwide reach, they'd have had a lot more success.

To me this latest idea is pointless as it's based on Android or a LInux distro - which as a techie I like but is never going to be the seamless, user-friendly environment suitable for a PDA.

What would have been great about 10 years ago would be a Psion 5 updated with a modern colour screen, wifi and USB instead of the serial interface they had. Even now, that would be an incredibly attractive tool.

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