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Its just the same with councils as the government, no accountability and no care about the voter.

The question is why

And the answer I am afraid is the lazy pathetic British themselves.

I know people that have voted for particular PARTIES not representatives all their lives on the grounds of 'my dad did', or statistical lies (lower taxes etc), and even because of headlines in 'The Sun' which were easily shown wrong (remember the minimum wage?) or for reasons of 'nice smiles' or 'bad suits'., People need to learn to read and inform themselves better, to dig behind the headlines (and especially not to trust the BBC and its habitual reprints of government propaganda). Unfortunately the education system such as it is these days discourages such thinking, in fact I suspect that critical thinking and investigation is one of the reasons for the killing of science in schools and work (a problem that now haunts us with ever less reliable, ever slower and ever more bloated software as the skills needed to think a solution out that doesn't involve gigabytes of code has long since left us).

Then on top of their voting patterns (the ones that lead to safe seats and other stupidities) there is the fact that they are so lazy they never protest anymore, no more fuel driver strikes, no more protests against tax hikes, no protest against spending billions on Spanish tanks, German police cars, foreign trains and track for HS2, giving billions to India so IT can maintain a space program, nuclear program massive navy and army that WE cant afford!

Finally of course there is the inability of the British to work together. So the boss gives everyone a pay cut and takes a 30% pay increase? Anyone going to get together to deal with it? Not a chance, work WITH my colleagues to make my job better? Nope, no one does such an old fashioned communist thing any more. (similar applies to the old fashioned concept of having a community and getting to know your neighbours).

It is OUR fault.

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