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Post-Brexit five-year UK work visas planned – report

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looking at the BBC link you provided about UK immigration, and can't find the quote you gave. Perhaps it wasn't on a BBC or a UK government website?

The UK position is summarised here.

There is a right of residence in the UK after five years being here. You do not have an automatic permanent right of residence in the UK until after that five year period. The idea that being "accepted of one EU country as a resident you are accepted in all" is - oh, what's the phrase - "lies and bullshit". You are not accepted as a permanent resident in the UK once accepted in another EU country, you have to meet other criteria as well - saying otherwise is more "lies and bullshit". Oh, and by the way, if you're going to tell others to get "basic facts" right, the rules are around EEA, not EU. I know that the distinction might be seen as an "expert" one, and the press keep telling us that "experts" have ruined things (I wonder if they say that when in surgery?); most of the "lies and bulllshit" are coming from those who misrepresent "basic facts" - like failing to differentiate between the EU and anything else that happens to have "Europe" in its name.

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