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Why buy SAP

I once asked a client this, and was told "because it can do literally anything".

Ok I said, great, we have an OData API and you want to send us some data, here's the url, off you go.

The response was simply ... "erm, well SAP can do that but it would cost us $50k to get SAP to talk to us about their OData plugin, and then probably another $100k to buy it."

My response was simply ... well SAP can't do shit then can it, it only does what you pay them for!

Our framework, might be in house developed but running our dev team in house is a ton cheaper than their ever growing SAP licences for out dated UI's and tool chains that are frankly just broken in many places.

I wish people would stop buying this crap and start to appreciate that they need a dev team in house!

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