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Fruit picking, not that tricky. It continually amazes me that people won't move from areas with high unemployment in the UK to work picking spuds in Peterborough, but they will from Lithuania...

The reason is simple: Cost

Imagine you're a guy with young family living in say... I dunno Manchester for example

You think... I'm unemployed, but can go fruit picking in Norfolk.

So now you're working... but you lose a lot of the benefits you were being paid, plus the fact theres no way to commute from Manchester to Norfolk every day, so you have to rent a room somewhere.

But the time you've done that, you find you're £100/wk worse off than being unemployed.

And yes I have seen it happen with an unemployed friend who could'nt get a job because he'd lose so much money having to pay full rent on his place.

And finally, when people go "Lazy brits dont want to work, well , we'll make them" just replace the word 'brits' with the word 'jews' and see how much it sounds like a popular central european political party from the 1930's

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