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Post-Brexit five-year UK work visas planned – report

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Difficult to see how any Bright Young Thing could resist such attractive terms. I guess the government is hoping that the rest of Europe will take a leaf from Britain's Big Book of How To Do It and zone up in like manner, removing other options from the talent pool's visual field.

Hmm. Special talents in the digital tech sector will have other options, eh?

Here's a thought: What happens if the next big tech revolution isn't digital in nature? What if the Next Big Thing is, say, some sort of game-changing biological or bio-mechanical thing? Targetable smart nanobots for just-in-time tissue repair (where that isn't already done by nature), or neural tissue regeneration say? Or new materials science? Or any of the bajillion other non-computer-related advances one cares to notice happening in the world?

This whole JuJuFlop stinks of the 1970s approach to encouraging electronics industry investment in the country.

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