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Depends on (a) what the problem is, and (b) what the *real* point of the fix is.

So for (a): just whip up a mediasyteria campaign about <insert bogey man>. Be it child abuse. Child porn. Drugs. Cyber bullying. Whatever.

then (b): draft some laws which are promoted as "the answer". Not too many questions from the supine press, and if you did (a) right, you will get any criticism silenced with a "friend of the paedos" type slur.

NOTE: In Tory2017, you plan (b) *before* working on (a).

All this will be enthusiastically cheered on by the masses who forgot the fairytale about the wicked Queen who was tricked into devising her own worst punishment.

"Ah but" say the tabloid readers "that's only for criminals" - also forgetting a criminal is only what the (Tory) government says a criminal is.

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