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"very security conscious" and using a gmail account?

What's wrong with that? Google have a pretty spectacular security record (in the good sense), and are undoubtedly doing a better job than pretty much everyone else out there.

Have you looked at their "privacy" policy or their T&C's? You might find that google claim a lot of rights to the data you put on their servers, and deny you all.

Was going to use G+ along with FB et al for a business venture. Reading the T&C however, you give them rights to use any data you put on their for their purposes including selling and making derivative works, and that is a perpetual license to. FB are actually the decent ones here, they only claim the rights to publish any data you make public.

I do use gmail and I haven't read their T&C recently, but seeing what they do with G+ you'd be a fool to use it for business stuff - you give them ownership of your logo and any other data you place on there.

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