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Please, you must stop, I beg you ... here I am, still waiting to patch WIndows boxen for this.

"2016-11-16: Bug reported to MS

2016-11-17: Nothing

2016-11-18: Nothing

2016-11-19: Nothing


2017-02-20: Bug reported to the whole world

2017-02-21: Nothing

2017-02-22: Nothing

2017-02-23: ...

Note: This Linux bug and that Windows bug are very similar, in both cases, you get to memory ... one poses a higher risk afaik, though, as, well, anything on one of our Windows clients/servers accessing a silly image could have our forest 0wned ... imagine, email with embedded image :=> 0wned ....

Staff, STOP LOOKING A CAT images, NOW!

MS, a fix ... please ?

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