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Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. own all your shit anyway, what's the big deal. You really think being a privacy ghoul makes you more special? (or secure). Funny ducks you are...

That you have given up is no argument for others to bend over and take it. Not. going. to. happen.

As a matter of fact, I just fired a formal complaint to Data Commissioners in 2 separate countries about a very big US company who locked my account to force me to give them a phone number. Not only didn't they get MY number, what they did also violated privacy law by demanding more data than would be reasonably required. Furthermore, once I regained access their OWN systems did not indicate a valid reason, and accusing me of spam would not work either because I create aliases for each provider so I can tell who has been passing email addresses around so in the unlikely case that there WAS junkmail in that name it would suggest they leaked it themselves.

Anyway, they messed up so badly it will be an almighty pleasure causing a veritable truckload of manure to land on their doorstep, because now I will add some other fun stuff that has been lying in a drawer for a while.

And, on top of that, some of their software is buggy and thus malfunctions, and they've known about that problem for 3 months or so - hello Trading Standards and the "not of merchantable quality" aspect which you can't walk away from by means of a EULA. I'm of the opinion that when someone gets you so far that you react they deserve all the misery you can heap upon them and then some (in my case the "and then some" consists of also briefing the very aggressive consumer association I am a member of, because they're worth it).

So no, I refuse to accept having no privacy as the new normal in the same manner that I refuse to accept the dramatically lowered standards of public conduct, ethics, justice and social interaction that the new US President aspires to as ones I should adopt personally. Not going to happen.

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