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Non citizens of the US do not have "the same rights" as citizens.

But insofar as they do have rights, Canada springs to mind as a country with a more enlightened policy and laws when it comes to "undocumented" aliens.

The term "illegal immigrant" can cover many bases you are seemingly not aware of. For example, under current draconian interpretations, an I-95 that takes too long to undergo a change of status* INSIDE THE GOVERNMENT MACHINE can stick a former legal immigrant in a very dodgy place.

Ask me how I know this.

* needed to rectify a situation created by a pissy Immigration Official who was having a bad day when the holder came through the gate, otherwise unencumbered with issues, and therefore decided that the holder of a brand new six month H1 Visa should only have a ONE month stay despite clear proof of employment beyond that date and an embassy-issued document "covering" the actual requirement

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